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10 Signs of an abusive relationship

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Signs of an abusive relationship

In a relationship, abuse is about wanting to take control of the relationship in order to have full power over one’s partner in all areas: emotional, sexual, physical and even psychological. Since the relationship balance is trampled, the abuse is deplorable. Signs of an emotionally abusive relationship or signs of an emotionally abusive boyfriend.
Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

A relationship involves two people. And these two people must be on the same footing. So, if you feel that your partner feels superior to you, that he/she feels he/she can control everything (including you and your relationship) and that he or she can also decide the limits of your freedom and your happiness, start asking yourself questions.

It should not, for any reason, have a form of power imbalance within the couple. Everyone must be able to express themselves freely, keep their freedom and their personality.

Signs of an abusive relationship

  • Physical Abuse:

Physical abuse is, in most cases, in the form of violence. Depending on the severity of the things, the relationship as well as the situation, this abuse can be frequent or passing.

It may be that at a time, everything goes well in the best of all worlds. And then come the times when things go wrong and your partner feels forced to be violent with you.

Unfortunately, some people will be tempted to think that it is something normal. Here are some examples of physical abuse: Not letting you sleep or eat, Destroying things in the house angrily, Threats with a weapon, Physical violence on your children, your pets.

  • Emotional Abuse:

It’s not just physical abuse that can be considered abuse. The violence that affects psychologically is also a form of abuse. Moreover, for some people, it is this abuse that is the most destructive.

In addition to the hurting, in the depths of her soul, the victim will no longer have confidence in herself and will be sorely lacking in self-esteem.

Here are the most common forms of emotional abuse: Your partner tends to make you feel guilty, and Your partner screams at you in public and Your partner will not let you talk to your friends and family.

  • Sexual Abuse:

Sexual abuse is used to describe all unwanted sexual acts by the other party. Most of the time, this form of abuse usually looks like this: your partner is putting pressure on you to make love, your partner does not ask for your opinion about the possibility of pregnancy.

  • Financial Abuse:

You both have a job. Unfortunately, your partner does not let you have your own money. It will control point by point the expenses within your home, your credit card, etc.

This abuse can also occur in another form: your partner lives at home without paying anything and by not participating in any daily expenses, your partner does not let you meet your basic needs.

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