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How to Fix Your Relationship with Your Boyfriend

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How to fix a relationship after a breakup

When love strikes our door and our heart is bonded to the loved one, we are filled with expectations and hopes about this relationship. Many of these expectations refer to our past history. Do not panic. It is not because you have been misled into a relationship that no longer suits you that everything is good to throw in the trash.
You did not choose only because the dominant side of one resonated in the other and vice versa. It’s part of your relationship, but it’s probably not the foundation. So there is something to save. #How to Fix Your Relationship with Your Boyfriend.

How to Fix Your Relationship with Your Boyfriend

The solution often comes through consultation with a marriage therapist, who will try to help the couple to unravel and understand things.

How to fix a relationship after a breakup

On the other hand, in extreme cases of rights-of-way or even domestic violence, the dominated partner consults rather alone which is probably, at least initially and preferable.

A serious mistake in this regard commonly made by lovers is to share their problems with family members. Parents and in-laws must be kept out of your marriage.

Parents must respect your privacy and if they do not, it is necessary to remind them. Once married, your spouse becomes your number one priority.

It is never good to call your boyfriend by degrading names, curse him, or even raise your voice if it will scare or intimidate you. Imagine how many lovers could live a greater love by following this simple rule.

Each word exchanged with each other has a positive or negative impact on your emotions. If you want to stay in love, you must continually monitor and control the way you speak.

How to Fix Your Relationship with Your Boyfriend

One of the deepest needs of the human being is to be understood. When we ignore the pain of our boyfriend, we are very far from giving him the impression of being understood.

Whenever we reject our pain without taking the time to understand it, we miss an opportunity to get closer to it. One of the greatest acts of kindness anyone can do to others is to listen to them without judging them.

We all sometimes feel bad feelings towards our lovers. But if these bad feelings are not recognized and resolved, then they become harmful and destructive. They must imperatively be identified and understood.

How to fix a relationship after a breakup

To talk about your feelings with your boyfriend, he must be receptive to listening and allow you to express yourself without judging, ridiculing or criticizing you.

Creating a reassuring environment to share your feelings is a prerequisite for open and honest communication.

Bad feelings such as anger, grudge, shame, isolation and guilt, veil our ability to see the other person’s good side. Negativity always obscures positivity.

You must create a place for love by removing all that is negative, to be able to constantly recognize and appreciate the qualities in your boyfriend that causes this love.

How to Fix Your Relationship with Your Boyfriend

The ultimate goal is to understand what went wrong in childhood to need to be in such a relationship of interdependence. For whether one is dominant or dominated, these are two sides of the same problem.

Both of them represent a part of the same anguish, usually the fear of abandonment. You have to try to build the relationship on other bases. The process may be longer and more painful, but it is certainly more sustainable.

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