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Most Romantic Love Paragraphs for Him

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Most Romantic Love Paragraphs for Him

Most Romantic Love Paragraphs for Him

My Love,

Since I came back, it’s simple, I think only of you. Lying on my bed, I think back to all that we lived both, to all these moments of love. To the happiness that I feel since I have you by my sideā€¦

I have spent my life believing in Love. I had a battered heart, my heart was ripped off, I was trampled on, more than once you know. But I kept believing. Because I love Love because for me life is not worth living if your heart never beats.

Love letter for husband

And then you arrived, you’ve turned everything upside down. My schedule, my emotional setting, my entire life. I did not understand anything that was happening, I did not try to understand. I did not try to project myself, I did not try to make plans on the comet, for the first time in my life I completely let myself go.

I took risks, we can say. I immersed myself body and soul in an intense relationship with a man I hardly knew. And now for almost three years that you share my daily life. We never wondered if you and I were serious. We just saw it. Including. Over time.

Romantic Love Paragraphs for Him

And today I wonder how my life was before you entered it. I wonder how I was able to fully enjoy happiness before life got in my way. I wonder what my oxygen was. Before. Because I have the feeling of knowing you since I was born. I have the impression that you have always been part of me. To imagine my life without you right now is simply impossible for me.

When I come home after work, I’m just waiting for a moment: the moment we go to the couch. Me in your arms and little dog in mine, wrapped in our rotten plaid but so comfortable. To watch bullshit, or a good movie, no matter in fact. If you knew how I do not care about the program on TV, I would be ready to watch all the blockbusters as long as you promise to always keep me against you.

Love letters for boyfriend

Thank you, my love, thank you for making my life so beautiful. You are the only person who knows me so well, the only person with whom I want to be, with whom I am myself. In your eyes, I feel beautiful. In your eyes, I feel strong and important. You are the most incredible man on Earth, I love you to the stars!

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