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Relationship Advice for Couples Who Argue

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Relationship advice for couples

You may be in the case of those couples who, by choice or by nature, find themselves no longer having external social relations, except for professional or family reasons.
Some couples are willing to live this way and are comfortable with this situation, but for how long? Can a couple survive if it is not fueled by social, family, friendly, external relationships?
Relationship Advice for Couples Who Argue

Relationship advice for couples

The first important point to raise is the current life of your couple. Whether you have been in a relationship for only a few months or for many years does not bring the same lot of explanation to this self-sufficient lifestyle.

It can be likened to a couple who wants to consume and consume his love to 200% so he feels it intensely. Each separation seems insurmountable, and this, even to spend the evening in the company of respective friends each one of his side.

So, rather than inflicting this subjectively insurmountable pain, we prefer to stay at home with two, in order to be free to show all the marks of affection that we want, without worrying about the external gaze sometimes disapproving.

For now, one of you finds that time passes the speed of light when you are together and says loud and clear that you do not need anything or anyone to live your relationship fully.

All this is entirely true but one of you may not really agree. Indeed, here’s what to watch out for. You will see that a couple needs to be built by confronting the outside world.

Relationship advice for couples

It is by living situations each one of his own and together that we learn to know each other and his reactions, his tastes, his character traits most hidden.

Relationship Advice for Couples Who Argue

If you do not confront your couple with the outside world and the multiple situations that it can propose to you, you live your relationship only in a mode that you already know or almost.

You decrease situations that can strengthen your relationship and the main risk is that you spend too much time discovering each other in relationships with others, family and friends.

And, after a few months or years, you feel that your relationship is running out of steam, stifled in the bud.

Today, you have lost the “bond” with most of your friends and you do not bother going out. However, envy can tease you. Your time is spent going to work, looking after the house, and doing rather isolated activities at home such as TV, computer, DIY, etc.

Your agreement is not diminished, but you feel that the outside world does not feed your couple enough and that you do not share as much as before! So we have to react.

A very recent couple does not find a long time at home because he can spend his time fooling around or chatting to get to know each other better, but you, you do not have the same spirit, despite the love you wear each other.

Relationship advice for couples

The contribution of social relations is vital to the couple. In order to grow and strengthen your relationship, it is important that you settle into regular outside social relationships, to strengthen your complicity outside the home, to share topics of conversation with other people bring these topics home, share common activities, etc.

Relationship Advice for Couples Who Argue

The most important thing is not to turn your spouse on this opening to others. And even less to organize a dinner where he is bored or criticizes the guests.

There is, therefore, a small step to follow to make him gain emotional maturity on this subject. Indeed, you can help him evolve so that he takes a positive look at this new openness to others and that it is going well.

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