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Tips for Successful Marriages after Divorce – remarriage counseling

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Remarriage is a marriage contracted by a person who has already been married and whose previous marriage was broken, whether by divorce or widowhood, remarriage counseling.
In the first case, the spouse may be the person from whom she has previously divorced. In the second case, the new marriage can be organized according to specific rules specific to the society in question, especially if it practices levirate, remarriage counseling.

Tips for Successful Marriages after Divorce

Successful Marriages after Divorce

You had a first marriage experience that ended in a divorce. And now you have found the man or woman with whom you want to share your new life and who has made you want to get married again. Know that nothing forbids you to unite a second time, on the contrary. It is only necessary to inform you about certain steps and rules in this area. remarriage counseling.

Tips for Successful Marriages after Divorce

You will change constantly. You are not the same people you were when you got married, and in five years you will not be the same people today. With a change, you will have to choose one another again.

She is not obliged to stay with you, and if you do not take care of her heart, she may give it to someone else, or keep you out of it, and you may never succeed. more to recover it. Always keep fighting for his love, as you did when you courted her. remarriage counseling.

Remarriage counseling

Never stop going out. Never consider this woman as a due. When you married her, you made a commitment to be that man who would hold his heart and protect him at all costs.

This is the most important and sacred treasure you have been entrusted with. She chooses you. Never forget it, and do not rest on your gains when it comes to love. remarriage counseling.

In the same way that you are committed to protecting your heart, you must protect yours with the same vigilance. Love yourself completely, love the world frankly, but there is a place of your heart that should be reserved for your only wife. Keep this space always ready to receive it, invite it in, and deny anyone or anything else access to it. remarriage counseling.

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