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Unconditional Love or unconditional love examples

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Unconditional Love or Wisdom of the Heart Quotes

Love is part of our true nature, it resides in each of us. When it is expressed, it is perceived in the eye and emanates well beyond what one can imagine. Unconditional love, it is everywhere and without limit, because it is a source of vital energy which does not dry up, on the contrary. It is an essential food for the balance of a child and for his well-being.

Unconditional Love or Wisdom of the Heart Quotes

In addition, love is a healer because it heals many wounds. Deprived of love some let themselves die or fall sick. We all think we know what it means to love, but when we talk about unconditional love, do we have any idea what it really means? Most of us know what that means in theory, but in terms of its application, very few actually, apply it in all circumstances. Love is sometimes parasitized, becoming a feeling of love under the influence of the ego.

Unconditional Love Meaning

Love, as many people understand it, is in my opinion “a feeling love”. Love is diverted to the benefit of the ego that manipulates and calculates to achieve its ends. Behind this love lies demands or expectations, which the other must satisfy. It is implicitly or explicitly asked to fill or satisfy desires or frustrations.

Unconditional Love or Wisdom of the Heart Quotes

It is “exclusive” love, narcissistic or egocentric, denotes a need to be loved, where he has an expectation of receiving in return: “love me, how I love you”, and where are imposed his own desires by exercising any power or using weaknesses or emotional blackmail. In a way, the other is asked to be the guarantor of his own happiness.

When love is “possessive”, the other is denied, it only excites as an object. Are the fears that imprison. This love is conditioned by expectations related to a lack of affection and/or formatting since childhood. Love, liberated from this hold, is quite different, that supposes to have been fully reconciled with oneself and sufficiently nourished with love.

In order for him to be able to express himself freely, he must have healed the wounds of the past if necessary. This very often involves introspection to understand and accept all the past as it happened, without exception and also to accept its own conscious or unconscious responsibility in everything.

This introspection allows us to go beyond what is “limiting” for our well being: wounds, fears, flaws, errors, doubts, anxieties … and letting go. Through it, the recognition of one’s own values and the “wonderful” that is in each one of us takes place. It can also cause us to “mourn”, such as the mourning of particular expectations that can not be met, concerning a family member.

Unconditional love examples

Unconditional Love or Wisdom of the Heart Quotes

These bereavements can sometimes restore a link and find peaceful communication. It is a work, which leads gradually to the letting go of suffering and leads to the capacity to love being what we are in its entirety and limitless. This love, neither attaches nor imposes a fidelity to oneself nor does it alienate the other in the relation quite the contrary, because it has total freedom to exist outside oneself.

unconditional love examples

What is important is that he be especially faithful to himself, free to make his own choices and to act, even if for that he must fly on his own, leave for another. We must welcome it without resentment and accept it. To love is to help the other to go towards autonomy. This love does not demand anything in exchange, it is offered unconditionally because it is the essence of what we are.

It is a remnant, conducive to personal fulfillment and opens to joy. It provides well-being to both the offerer and the recipient. This love vibrates in us and reflects on all our actions, our touch, our words, our looks, our attitudes …, our whole being emanated this infinitely strong love that has nothing to do with the need to give love. This love is present in each of us, sometimes buried deep, we only need to connect it to make it hatch. #unconditional love definition.

Essentials for a Long Lasting and Loving Relationship.

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