9 Beauty Mistakes that Make You Look Older

An unsuccessful hairstyle or makeup can visually add you several decades. After 40, you need to choose cosmetics very carefully so that it does not spoil the skin and does not make you older. So how do you get the perfect result? In order not to miscalculate, find out about 9 beauty mistakes that should be avoided after 40.

Dull skin

If you have not purchased a porthole, then it’s time to spend money on this thing. Starting from 40 years old, the skin loses its luster and needs auxiliary cosmetics. Apply the porthole to the center of the forehead, to the chin, and to the tip of the nose.

You can also apply it under the highest points of the eyebrows to visually enlarge the eyes. Your lips will become voluminous if you apply the porthole with one touch on the ā€œVā€ zone above the upper lip. Use a porthole in small quantities and be sure to shade it.

Dark blush

If you do not know the contouring technique, then you can very easily spoil all the makeup with the wrong use of blush. Take note of a few main recommendations: use pink blush, apply them on your cheeks with light touches so as not to overdo it. To achieve the effect of naturalness, smile and in a circular motion apply blush on your cheeks.

Bright makeup

Age-related makeup should be based on precisely calibrated amounts of cosmetics, on certain colors and consistency. No need to use the shadows of all colors of the rainbow to hide wrinkles.

Follow the example of celebrities and use nude cosmetics for daytime makeup (pink, brown tones), and leave brighter shades for evening makeup.

However, always stay true to the important rule: if you apply smokey ice makeup, your lips should be soft, close to the natural color. If you need an emphasis on lips, then leave your eyes without bright shadows.

Straight Haircut

Straight haircuts create a strict image, in addition, they emphasize facial features. If you want to look younger, then a cascade haircut is your option. This haircut will look especially good with light curls.

You will look young and stylish! And do not forget about hair care. They need to be constantly moistened and leveled to clean the cut ends. All this greatly affects the holistic image.

Dense and dark base

The dark foundation makes you visually older and contaminates your skin, as it clogs all pores due to its density and density. The ideal option is a watery foundation of exactly the same tone as your skin.

Light-skinned women can choose a foundation with a peach or pink hue, and women with a darker skin tone can choose a foundation with a golden or beige shade.

Bright color staining

The color of dyeing should be as close as possible to the natural color of your hair. Keep in mind that bright colors (red or platinum blonde) will make you older than your age. The best option would be a warm chestnut color, or any other that is close to your natural.

Chapped Lips

Cracks on the lips (which often appear in winter and summer due to temperature differences) destroy the shape of the lips, make it fuzzy and seemingly worn out. This becomes even more noticeable if you use bright lipstick. Get a moisturizing lip balm and use it all winter.

After 40, take extra care for the contour of the lips so that cracks and irritations do not appear. By the way, eyebrows also lose their shape and color saturation, so do not forget to color them in a natural color and refresh their shape.

Refusal of carcass

Yes, you can prefer nude makeup (very natural, light) to look younger, but not to give up mascara. Professional makeup artists unanimously declare that the carcass is a must-have in any make-up.

It makes the look expressive, and also creates a lifting effect in the upper part of the face. Therefore, be sure to purchase high-quality mascara and do not forget to always highlight your eyes.

Tight hairstyles

Strict hairstyles give the image excessive seriousness and make you several years older. If you need to collect hair, then choose voluminous hairstyles. Leave a few strands in front so that they frame the face and soften its features.

The volume at the crown and the casual effect are guaranteed to create a youthful, stylish, feminine look. For example, experiment with a careless beam or half-assembled with the volume on the top of the head.