The most unusual stool. Home decor ideas

The design of your home is quite an important point. Depending on the situation in the apartment, our mood may change. The more you pay attention to the layout of your home, the more comfortable it will be at home. In the article, we suggest you consider such an interior detail as a stool.

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A stool can be used as a seat, as a footrest, for example. In the photo below, just a stool of a very interesting shape. Instead of the usual straight legs, the legs of the stool are made in a very interesting solution. Namely, in the shape of the legs. If desired, such a stool can be painted, maybe “put legs in pants,” for example.

In the next photo, it would seem, the stool is of the usual form, however, the color scheme attracts the eye. Drawing – a tattoo, looks great, attracts the eye.

Rolling Stool Adjustable Stool

Height Bar Stool

The photo below shows a low stool, most likely suitable for legs. The design of this stool is very interesting. It is made in the shape of an elephant. Such a stool looks quite expensive in the interior and very focuses on itself.

The stool presented in the following photo is for lovers of clear, straight lines in the interior. The stool is made of solid wood. Very beautiful and nothing more.

Bar Stool

Satori Stool

The stool in the photo below is made in a very unusual form. Reminds odds of a human tooth. This model has such a plus as saving space. If desired, two stools can be folded together, and you get a kind of stump on which you can sit, and a second stool, while not interfering.

Low stool, with a simple and at the same time unusual design. Instead of the usual seat, a cut of the tree trunk is installed.

Pacey Stool

Mushroom Stool

Below is the photo is a low semicircular stool. It looks unusual. The carved legs of the stool make the stool massive, expensive. Such a stool will be a wonderful element of the interior in any apartment.

Fans of sweets, especially chocolate, should like the solution presented in the photo below. The solution resembles a stool on which melted chocolate was spilled. Straight “delicious to see” on such a piece of furniture.

The stool “in boots” is presented in the following photo. Very beautiful, but also a practical version of the stool. Such a stool fits perfectly into any hallway. For example, shoe polish and a brush can be removed in the drawer, which is mounted under the seat of a stool.

Legs and seat trim are made of natural solid wood. Well-chosen varnish color and artificial aging make the stool beautiful and “mysterious”